Vision & Philosophy

  • Vision

    A centre of early childhood education and development and research, continuously evolving at cadence with the evolution of children’s developmental needs and in sync with latest global research, leading in new educational practices and focused on an integral and holistic approach to education and development that provides children with a happy, strong, nurtured foundation and prepares them to be curious and confident lifelong learners.
  • Philosophy

    Children are like flowers, with each petal representing a different aspect of their personality. Our motto is to provide the most conducive and caring environment, and best guidance for the natural, rightful and complete blossoming of these flowers. We aspire to build a world class education system and centre of individual development and excellence focusing on holistic individual development encompassing physical, mental, social-emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual through an appropriate focus on various faculties of the personality. We intend to combine the essence of intuitive insights from Indian thinkers and the learnings from proven scientific research in the educational domain to form a more complete system of education.
    A research centre, which studies the latest research in education domain and inculcates the relevant learnings suitable to local context and publishes its research and insights at the world forum, would form an integral part of the centre. Educators naturally would be at the core of this research wing and effectively complete the learning implementation and insights feedback loop.