Our Approach

  • Unique Curriculum

    The Mother’s Blossoms curriculum is developed by a team of professionals with international educational research background and practical international experience in early childhood education domain. The curriculum uniquely combines the intuitive Indian knowledge with the latest international research in early childhood education and development domain.

    Integral Education (The Mother and Sri Aurobindo)

    Australian Early Years Learning Framework

    Finland’s PhenoBL (Phenomenon Based Learning)

    Ever Evolving curriculum based on “The Mother’s Blossoms” inhouse and latest international research

    The curriculum is delivered through methodologies such as play based learning, intentional teaching and child led teaching methodologies, which are based on latest education research accepted internationally and adopted in world leading and excelling early childhood education and development settings. Our curriculum is interlinked across domains of learning for children to be able to seamlessly extend and use their learnings across subjects and base the overall understanding on real life applicability.

    Integral Development

    At The Mother’s Blossoms, our primary focus is on nurturing various aspects and faculties of human personality (over information feeding), which essentially supports all the learning and eventual flourishing of personalities.

    Development of Core Qualities

    We particularly focus on imbibing core qualities in students such as confidence, self-esteem, cheerfulness, respect for others, pride in their origin, respect for own and other’s privacy, courage, concentration, discipline, gratitude, humility, curiosity, love for lifelong learning, pride and respect for their nation and culture, ethics, manners and etiquette.

    Love for Learning

    At The Mother’s Blossoms, children’s interest are captured through observations and teacher’s judgment, and used as rotating learning themes. A number of learning activities and resources are arranged to explore various related topics, with a balance of child and teacher directed learning approaches.
    Such an approach builds a learning environment where children drive their own learning and learn nearly everything through play. It ignites and encourages children’s curiosity and interests in learning new things, and develops and enriches the inherent love for learning, which is an asset for life.