Founders’ Introduction

  • With a shared vision of changing the landscape of early childhood education in India, the founders are on a journey of facilitating the rightful and best educational and developmental opportunities to children, in order to help them discover and attain their highest individual potential and be the global citizens of tomorrow.
  • Vandana Nagar

    Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Teaching (Early Childhood and Primary) from University of Melbourne (Australia), Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Australia), Certificate IV in Frontline Management (Australia).
    Vandana, with a rich and diverse experience in early childhood and primary education settings in Australia and India, is a passionate educationist and the driving force behind development and implementation of play based learning and inquiry based curriculum and best practices based on latest international education research. Vandana believes that the quality of teachers directly impacts the development of children and their learning environment, and thus is an avid advocate of teacher’s continuous improvement through quality training and development programmes.

  • Arun Joshi

    Bachelor of Technology (NIT, Surat), Graduate Certificate of Education Studies (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia).
    Arun, with a background in technology and education research, is a visionary and the main driver behind the ongoing educational research and development. Arun has a long association and insightful knowledge of the integral education ideology, as originally formulated by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, which focuses on the holistic development of children through an appropriate and balanced nurturing of their socio-emotional, mental, physical and spiritual facets and faculties.