Rising Roses

3.5 to 4.5 years
  • Overview

  • Rising Roses (KG I)

    By the age of four, children start to get ready for school. They require smooth transition from early childhood learning to school settings. During this period our focus is on attention and concentration skills development.

    Literacy and numeracy form a part of all the learning plans at this stage. Children learn further in science and technology domains.

    Children learn about personal safety, environment, sustainability and various social concepts which will prepare them for future.

    Key Learning Areas

    • Physical Development: structured physical activities, introduction to different sports, sense of body and physical rhythm.
    • Language development: Our focus is on speaking, reading and writing skills in social context. Children learn how to use language in authentic way through public speaking activities, show and tell, etc.
    • Social development: Children get prepared for school environment through role play and book reading. Environment and environment sustainability is among primary learning areas.
    • Emotional Development: Children learn to identify various emotions and try to discover the reasons behind them. They further their expression and command over emotions through role plays and art.
    • Cognitive Development: Children use various science concepts to expand their learning. They are introduced to concepts in science which can be seen and observed by them.
    •  Spiritual Development: We help nurture and grow children’s inner world and help them connect with it through various play based activities.
    • Age Group:
      3.5 - 4.5 years
    • Session Timing:
      9.30 am - 1 pm
      Monday to Friday
  • Teaching Methods

    • Teaching by modelling
    • Role play and pretend play
    • Sand play
    • Outdoor play
    • Water play
    • Magnetic blocks
    • Higher level of Puzzles
    • Stories
    • Audio and video sessions
    • Drama, music and Art activities
    • Science experiments
    • Reading and writing structured lessons
    • Mathematical learning structured lesson plans
    • Planned physical development lessons
    • Free Play