• Primary

    Primary years are the years where children transition from dependence to independence across developmental domains. Their curiosity multiplies, and they want to explore the world with their unique perspective using their acquired learnings as the foundation. This is the age when some lifelong friendships are formed with their peers. There is tremendous energy in them which requires systematic channelling and direction to allow them to achieve their real potential. At TMB we are preparing our children for future with a special focus on 21st century skills including critical thinking, interpersonal skills, leadership, coding and advanced science and technology. We continuously work with them to enhance their concentration and will power with targeted activities. They increasingly become proactive participants in their own learning journey and start taking charge of their own development.

    Our Approach

  • Key Development Areas

    Physical Development: Fine and gross motor skills, hands and eyes coordination, perceptual development, self-care and safety, concept of rules and time, strength, flexibility and movement, sense of body and physical rhythm.

    Language development: Social communication, receptive and expressive communication, whole body listening, early literacy, alphabets, phonics, authentic language usage in expression, public speaking, show and tell, genres of writing, everyday reading habit development, diverse reading.

    Social development: self-regulation, attention regulation, sharing, turn taking skills, exposure to various events and activities in local and international context through role play, drama, dance, and music.

    Emotional Development: Emotional expression through writing, acting, art, drama and technology, emotional regulation, behaviour regulation, identify various emotions and try to discover the reasons behind them. Further their expression and command over emotions through role plays and art.

    Cognitive Development: Concept development, memory, spatial awareness and relationship, symbolic thought, critical thinking, problem solving, creative expression, logic and reasoning, quantity and number system, science concepts.

    Spiritual Development: We nurture children’s inner world and help them to connect with it through various play-based activities. Mindfulness and calming music are examples of approaches used.

  • Key Learning Areas

         o English
         o Hindi
         o Sanskrit
    Social and Environmental Sciences

         o Dance
         o Drama
         o Music
         o Visual Arts
         o Coding
         o Digital Awareness
    Physical Education
         o Personal Safety
         o Yogasan
         o Traditional Outdoor Games
         o Team Sports
    21st Century Skills
         o Growth Mindset
         o Critical Thinking
         o Problem Solving
         o Interpersonal skills
         o Collaboration
         o Leadership