• Let's Continue to Learn

    During this time of world crisis, each and everyone of us has been affected in some form. Children are missing open spaces, learning, play and fun with their friends and teachers. There’s still a lot of uncertainty and safety apprehensions about the timelines around the reopening of schools.

    At The Mother’s Blossoms, we are making all possible efforts to help children maintain the continuity of their learning journey while they are at home. Although remote learning cannot entirely replace the richness and benefits of learning experience resulting from direct teacher and peer interactions, it is now imperative to have an alternative till group learning settings are again a reality.

    We’ve made an attempt to allow children to have a structured learning schedule, similar to their school through our ‘Learn@Home’ initiative. As a part of this children will receive age appropriate monthly learning packages containing below:

    1. Daily:

         • Timetable.

         • Hands-on learning activities.

         • Printed worksheets and revision modules.

         • Curriculum progression guidelines.

    2. Weekly:

         • Children virtual meet-up time.

    3. Monthly:

         • Curriculum – covering age appropriate physical, cognitive, socio-emotional, inner connection and language development domains.

         • Child progress assessment tools.

    4. Recorded Video sessions.

    5. Fortnightly live expert sessions – parent support and knowledge.

    6. School’s availability for any queries, questions or guidance in curriculum progression.

    7. Completion Certificate.


    To Enrol

    Some sample hands-on activities

    A few after school learning and engagement activities that parents can perform with their children at home: